Positive Effective Behaviour Supports (PEBS) is a philosophy for school-wide discipline. PEBS is based on the idea that all behaviour is learned. Thus, PEBS supports positive behaviours while teaching and modeling responsible, respectful, and safe behaviours. At CAMS, we ask that students show RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY in all school settings including on the school bus.

The matrix below shows students what it looks like to show RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY for self, others, their surroundings, and for learning, in all school settings.

                     Respect and Responsibility for
Self Others Surroundings Learning


  • Dress, speak and act appropriately
  • Be honest
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Give best effort
  • Be courteous, considerate
    and cooperative
  • Follow school and board policies
  • Keep school and grounds clean and tidy
  • Treat school furniture, equipment, and the building with care|
  • Think safety first
  • Be prepared
  • Appreciate and show respect for the contributions of others
  • Have an open mind
Hallway, Stairs & Lockers
  • Avoid loitering
  • Walk
  • Keep locker combination to yourself
  • Go with the flow of traffic
  • Keep stairs/entrances free
  • Be considerate of items on display
  • Use locker to store appropriate items
  • Keep lockers free of graffiti and vandalism
  • Keep a tidy and organized locker


Instructional Areas (classrooms, labs, library)
  • Use time and resources wisely and appropriately
  • Be careful of what you say and how you say it
  • Know your passwords and keep them private
  • Be understanding of the abilities of others
  • Value the property and privacy of others
  • Return Materials promptly to their proper place and in original condition
  • Put chairs up at end of day
  • Use area for intended purpose
  • Pay attention and complete class work & Homework




  • Use appropriate manners
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Appreciate and show respect for the cafeteria staff
  • Wait your turn
  • Bring your own food or lunch money
  • Recycle
  • ·Pick up after yourself


  • Develop proper eating habits




  • Wear appropriate exercise clothing and footwear
  • Participate to the best of your ability
  • Wait patiently for instructions to begin
  • Follow all safety rules
  • Be positive and supportive
  • Respect the rules of fair play and honesty
  • Use positive language
  • Value the different strengths of each participant


  • Return all equipment back to its proper storage area
  • Use gym facility features for its intended purpose only


  • Participate in all activities to gain a variety of experiences
  • Provide your best effort in using the skills and strategies taught
  • Value the importance of teamwork and cooperation
  • Be mindful of the benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Remain seated with your homeroom in your designated area
  • Be attentive to speakers
  • Show appropriate appreciation for speaker|
  • Follow proper assembly etiquette
  • Be aware of the personal space of others
  • Provide assistance for setting up & putting away chairs.


  • Leave electronics & valuables in your locker.



School Grounds
  • Take part in appropriate outdoor activities and practice sportsmanship
  • Stay on School grounds
  • Treat other students and their property appropriately
  • Be mindful of others’ learning
  • Return borrowed equipment  and treat it properly


  • Know areas on the school grounds where you are allowed to be
  • Enter and exit through front doors
  • Stay seated
  • Follow bus driver’s directions
  • Board, travel on and exit bus safely
  • Be polite and courteous to other students and the bus driver
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Care for bus and equipment on bus
  • Keep bus clean and free of litter
  • Know bus evacuation procedures
  • Know the rules of your bus·
  • Know bus driver’s name(s) and bus route(s)